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May 27, 2022

Here's an exclusive look inside this fully armored VIP interior Lexus LX570

The armored Lexus LX 570 is surely at the top of everyone’s list as it sets the standard for both luxury and security. Harnessing the already-proven refinement, style and comfort found in most Lexus vehicles, INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has taken it one step further by offering a fully customizable ultra luxury VIP interior.

The armoring and interior upgrades adds both extra safety and comfort to one of the most popular vehicles in its class, essentially creating a luxurious armored tank on wheels with power to match.

The armored Lexus LX 570 limo has an exclusive customized interior, which incorporates innovative top-quality materials, features and finishes. The vehicle is equipped with captain style heated and cooled seats featuring lumbar support and massage.

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✅ Source: INKAS

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