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December 17, 2022

The CHIRON Pur Sport has reached the halfway mark, with car number 30 out of a total production run of 60 units recently being delivered to its new owner in North America. Time to celebrate the unrivalled handling of the CHIRON Pur Sport, the most agile member of the CHIRON family with its 1,500PS, 1,600 Nm and state-of-the-art all-wheel drive technology.

The track is set. The air is still. The BUGATTI CHIRON Pur Sport lies in wait, just off center, ready to execute a perfectly controlled and precise drift maneuver that will adorn the track with a large letter ‘C’, in homage to the iconic signature C-line first created by Jean Bugatti almost a century ago.

The Pur Sport, with its proud C-line signature, launches off the line with full force. And the rest is history.



Please note: The CHIRON Pur Sport ‘drifted the C’ under conditions that ensured full safety for the entire team, including the professional development driver who was behind the wheel. It was performed at a track in which only BUGATTThe content Creator had access to during the event.

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