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July 14, 2022

A color that can be traced throughout the marque’s lineage of engineering masterpieces: BUGATTI Blue represents French racing heritage and glory.

As we celebrate La Fête Nationale today on 14th July, French Grand Prix racing successes and BUGATTI are inseparably linked. There is no other marque that has scored so many victories for France than the brand from Molsheim, Alsace. Also very closely linked are the colors “French Racing Blue” and “BUGATTI Blue”.

The first BUGATTI Grand Prix cars had a very light blue tone, almost white, whereas in the golden era of Grand Prix racing - the mid-1920s - a stronger shade of light blue was used. Jean Bugatti’s blue became even darker and eventually even two-tone as it can be seen on the Type 57 Tank.

Similar to the Blue in the French Tricolore, which only recently changed to a darker hue, the BUGATTI Blue will be modified from time to time, adapting to respective trends. Though, one thing will remain forever: BUGATTI’s dominant color will remain Blue and will always keep the BUGATTI-specific spirit of “La vie en Bleu” alive.