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January 14, 2022

Learn in this video how to install the Remote Software upgrade for your BMW and the BMW Operating System 8.

Remote Software Upgrades provide new functions, functional enhancements and quality improvements for your BMW. You will be notified, after you have downloaded new vehicle software via your BMW App or when it has been automatically downloaded onto your car while driving. When you stop, you’ll be asked to confirm the installation of the upgrade. In the rare case the download onto your vehicle has been successfully completed but you do not get a notification to complete installation, please take a longer drive and you will be notified afterwards. Follow the instructions on the Control Display. If you wonder what’s in there for you: Find out by reading the notes displayed. You can set a timer for the installation. The upgrade will start automatically when all requirements have been met. During the upgrade process your BMW cannot be used for about 20 minutes – so park the car safely before starting the procedure. You can leave and lock the vehicle while the update is running. Once it is successfully completed, you will be notified in the BMW App. But also in your car’s control display before your next ride. Any questions regarding the upgrade? Please get in touch with the BMW Customer Support.

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The BMW Driver's Guide app specifically describes the equipment and functions included in the vehicle. The Owner's Handbook is available as an app in many countries. You will find further information on the Internet at:

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