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December 4, 2022

Experience an immersive journey into the digital world. Fuelled by imagination, this is an abstract digital artwork by the digital artist, Andrés Reisinger

The Audi grandsphere concept* is a glimpse of the future that you can see, touch and experience, Audi’s way to introduce a new idea to the world. Demonstrating how automated driving* and future premium mobility will enable to live life differently, with more time to observe and examine the world around. Inspired by the meaningful experience, Andrés Reisinger reinterprets this in an abstract digital artwork fuelled by his imagination. He shapes this vision of the future, giving people the opportunity to understand what is possible in a different, visual and emotional way. 

To illustrate the idea of being able to watch your surroundings due to automated driving*, Reisinger put a rotating mirror into a space, reflecting the outside from the inside. By doing so, his work also reflects Audi's inside-out design approach.

To show the three different positions of the seats, Reisinger simulated the course of a day with the incline of the seat adjusting to the world outside – upright in broad daylight, relaxed during sunset, reclined at dawn – creating an analogy, as well as playing on human-centricity. And these are just two examples.

Andrés Reisinger's artworks create an atmosphere, a feeling. They show that technology can be so much more than just a tool – it can be an experience.

Can you identify more parallels? 

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