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image  1 Aston Martin Valhalla
July 25, 2022

If the V12 #Vantage is #Astonmartin’s final nod to the past, then the #Valhalla represents the brand’s exciting vision of the future.

The firm’s first mid-engined series production car also packs a plug-in #electric powerplant.

The combination of a twin-turbo V8 and two electric motors pumps out 937bhp, while the 0-62mph sprint takes just 2.5 seconds. With its carbon-fibre construction, double-wishbone pushrod front suspension and brake-by-wire set-up, the Valhalla also uses technology from Aston’s #FormulaOne team. However, with a #luxury interior and nine miles of #EV range, the Valhalla will be as comfortable on the high street as it is on a race track. You’ll need deep pockets, but few #hypercars are likely to be as heavenly.

Price: From £400,000