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December 24, 2021

Learn in this video how to use the Assisted Driving functions in your BMW and the BMW Operating System 8.

Get all support you need with Assisted Driving functions in your BMW with Operating System 8. You can control the Assisted Driving functions with the switches on the left side of the multi-functional steering wheel. Driving Comfort with some help, whenever you want: Press the “On/Off” button to call up or to switch off the last active driver assistance system. Press “MODE” repeatedly to switch through the features – offering gradually more driver assistance. The selected system’s status is displayed with a symbol in the Instrument Cluster and the Head Up Display. Depending on your country and vehicle equipment you can select: The Manual Speed Limiter, preventing you from exceeding your set speed limit. Cruise Control, maintaining a set speed – independently from traffic in front of you. Distance Control, regulating your driving distance to the traffic around you by automatically decelerating and accelerating up to a set speed limit. And the Assisted Driving, enhancing Distance control with a Steering Assistant. This mode offers the most comprehensive support, also helping to keep the vehicle in lane with supporting steering wheel movements. Press “SET” to take over the currently detected speed limit or to save your current speed for the active Mode according to your settings. The set speed is marked in the speedometer. Push the Driving Settings button in the Center console to adjust further Assisted Driving settings.

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The BMW Driver's Guide app specifically describes the equipment and functions included in the vehicle. The Owner's Handbook is available as an app in many countries. You will find further information on the Internet at:

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