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December 14, 2021

Hi guys! The new 2022 Lexus LX is the 4th generation of Lexus’ flagship SUV and first full model change in 14 years.
It's rich in the qualities that represent the next chapter of Lexus, from its powerful design to new powertrains, world and Lexus-first technologies and superb performance, whether driving on city streets or tackling the harshest rough road routes.

Lexus’ commitment to maintaining the LX’s authentic SUV performance is reflected in the retention of a body-on-frame construction, but in this instance with the benefit of a robust yet lightweight new Global Architecture GA-F platform. Combined with the use of highly rigid yet light materials in the body, this has helped reduce the LX’s weight by around 200 kg – benefiting ride comfort, handling stability and fuel efficiency without compromising strength or safety.

Two new engines make their debut in the Lexus LX, a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 petrol in the LX 600 and a 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 diesel in the LX 500d. Although smaller in capacity than the previous V8 engines, both produce more power and greater torque, delivered across a wider range of engine speeds for powerful, linear acceleration. A new 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission has been designed with ratios that support smooth acceleration up to high engine rpm and comfortable high-speed cruising.

Whatever the driving conditions, the LX delivers the Lexus Driving Signature, giving the driver a constant, rewarding sense of connection and control of their vehicle, which responds quickly and faithful to their intentions. An Electric Power Steering system is adopted for the first time, together with Electronically Controlled Braking, helping achieve the optimum performance on and off-road. The suspension systems have been redesigned, too, and feature both Active Height Control and Adaptive Variable Suspension for agility, stability and comfort in all driving scenarios.

The exterior design captures the latest evolution of Lexus’ design principles, here based on a concept of “Dignified Sophistication.” The powerful styling is anchored by a new interpretation of the signature Lexus grille, rendered as frameless arrangement of parallel bars that project a strong three-dimensional look and integrating the spindle shape into the vehicle’s body.

In the cabin, the driver’s space is a Lexus “Tazuna” cockpit, where the design and layout of the controls and information displays are precisely calculated for quick and easy operation with least movement of the eyes or body. Driver and passengers enjoy excellent comfort with new seat designs that ensure good body-holding, even when travelling over rough ground. The LX is available with five or seven seats – the latter with a new folding mechanism for the second and third rows that creates a vast load space with a flat floor at the touch of a button.

The LX is also available for the first time in a new VIP version. This is designed for ultimate travelling luxury, with just two large rear seats with heating, ventilation and massage functions, additional climate control features and an ottoman support for the lower legs that deploys from the front passenger seat seatback.

The quality of off-road driving performance has been taken to another level with new and improved control systems for tackling the toughest conditions, including a new underfloor viewing function to check the areas immediately around the front and rear wheels and a turn-assist braking control that helps the driver to negotiate extra-tight off-road turns. Among so many new features, the LX has kept the same wheelbase length, helping maintain its ability to tackle challenging off-road terrain.

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