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December 9, 2022

This Range Rover has passed the magic million kilometer mark. The car was built in 2007 and is an exemplary example of the combination of comfort and reliability: the Range Rover Vogue with a 200 kW (272 hp) 3.6-liter V8 biturbo diesel engine under the hood still has the transmission complete in the original.

It all started in 2007, when trained auto mechanic and later car salesman Günther Nawrocki handed over a new Range Rover Vogue to a customer. Five years and 145,000 kilometers later, Nawrocki took the car back for hire so he could drive it himself. “At the time, We thought We would drive the Range Rover for six months and then sell it,” recalls Nawrocki.

A call from Rüdiger Czakert, then director of Auto König in Anzing near Munich, changed everything - both for Günther Nawrocki and his Range Rover. "Mr. Czakert asked if We could deliver a car to him in Duisburg and bring one back from Gummersbach on the way back", summarizes Günther Nawrocki on the phone in January 2013. He spontaneously accepted the job, got himself a trailer of 3.5 tons and over the years has become one of Germany's most sought-after luxury car transport companies. Since then, Günther Nawrocki has been in his car five days a week and his wife accompanies him on many long journeys. Between Amsterdam in the north and Saint-Tropez in the south, the Range Rover picks up mile after mile as a reliable towing vehicle.

During his missions, the odometer of Günther Nawrocki's towing vehicle always causes astonished faces. For the happy owner, the admiring glances are an additional motivation: “When We saw the 400,000 kilometers on the clock, the ambition woke up. From then on, We wanted to show that a Range Rover could make a million – with a trailer behind it. Recently, during a vehicle delivery near Regensburg, the Range Rover was able to demonstrate its capabilities once again: "On a detour suddenly there was an 18% gradient", explains Günther Nawrocki about of his experience. "With 3.5 tonnes on the hook, We would have turned any other vehicle around - but the Range Rover reached the top without a murmur."

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