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December 18, 2021

Following the terrorists’ trail to Solar City, Morocco, Glyph and Jason take a guided tour of the futuristic Mind Palace while Oko discovers Zeleny is already carrying out the first phase of his monstrous scheme. An action-packed confrontation ensues, but Glyph and Jason are only beginning to realise the terrifying scope of the Chosen Few’s plans.

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This exciting futuristic adventure once again takes the listeners into the world of HYPNOPOLIS.

Humanity is cleaning up the planet – thanks to the use of sustainable new technologies. Just in time to save it.

Efforts are tireless. Any hesitation would mean complete failure. When murderous eco-terrorists free their imprisoned leader, though, the future of humanity is threatened.

Special Agent Glyph Frieden is assigned to track down the group, but needs help from Jason Lin – who just happens to be a criminal. Can these disparate heroes save the world with the clock already ticking?

To learn more about the world of HYPNOPOLIS visit or play the interactive version on Amazon Echo. Ask Alexa to “Start Hypnopolis Interactive”, and join in on the adventure. Remember... the future is in your hands.

About BMW:
For over 100 years, BMW has been a leader for innovation and sheer driving pleasure in over 140 countries across the world. With a key focus on sustainability, the German brand is clear in its ambitious future plans to become the world’s most sustainable manufacturer.


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