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March 25, 2022

How can you activate Porsche Gesture Control? Spot On is here to show you exactly how. This series helps you get the best out of your car as we explain key features and provide top tips so you can get onto the road and to your destination in a more efficient way, while your driving pleasure is maximised.

Gesture Control means opening and closing certain areas of your Porsche using simple hand or foot movements. You can use this feature to open and close the front and rear trunks, as well as the Taycan's charging port. So, to see how it's done, sit comfortably while Sabine from Porsche guides you through how Porsche foot and hand Gesture Control works. Don't forget to unlock the full potential of your Porsche experience with the Porsche app – the ideal companion for your Porsche experience:

Episode navigation:
0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Requirements to use Porsche Gesture Control
0:30 – Opening and closing the rear trunk
1:35 – Opening and closing the charging ports
2:12 – Opening the front trunk
2:55 – Outro

What your vehicle needs:
- Comfort access
- Power charge port covers

Controlling your Porsche via gesture: rear trunk
The rear trunk can be opened or closed via buttons or foot gestures. Make sure that the function is activated from the infotainment system.
Go to:
car-vehicle settings-vehicle locking systems-tailgate comfort opening (activate here)-comfort access (activate here)

To activate the rear trunk via foot gesture, stand in the middle while you're behind the vehicle with your key. Move your foot towards the bumper and back again, doing so in one sequence in a kicking movement. You can close, but not lock, the trunk with the same movement.

Controlling your Porsche via gesture: power charge ports
The power charge port covers enable you to open and close the charge ports via gesture. Touch the bottom of the charge port's fin for one second and then remove your hand to open. Repeating the same movement will close it. An alternative open is to swipe from left to right to open, and once again repeat the movement to close the port. What happens if you don't use any gesture after opening? In this case, 10 seconds after removing your charging plug or immediately when the car is locked, the charging port will close automatically by yourself.

Controlling your Porsche via gesture: front trunk
The front trunk can also be opened via a gesture. Once again, you must have your key with you. The sensor is located below the Porsche Crest on the front bumper. Move your hand towards the spot on the bumper and back again to open. Alternatively, swipe from left to right over the sensor. To lift the hood completely, lift it slightly and release the safety catch.

Porsche Gesture Control not working?:
Make sure not to perform the gesture too rapidly, and make sure that the sensor is clean to enable proper functionality.

Thanks for joining for this Porsche Gesture Control tutorial, and we hope you enjoy the next journey using it in your Porsche. Next up? Discover how to use the handy Porsche App:

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