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March 25, 2022

What's the Porsche Driver Assistance System and how can you get the best out of it?
This Spot On tutorial episode is here to show you how to activate and set it up. Then, we'll dive into the details for using Porsche adaptive cruise control.

First, please make sure that your car is equipped with adaptive cruise control.

Episode navigation:
0:00 – Introduction
0:28 – Choosing your Porsche Driver Assistance System
1:03 – Switching assistance systems
1:17 – How adaptive cruise control works
1:58 – Setting adaptive cruise control distance
2:22 – Setting adaptive cruise control speed
3:52 – Outro

► Choosing your assistance system:
Select and switch on an assistant system by pressing the button on the control lever behind the steering wheel. Then, the options menu for the Driver Assistance System appears on the instrument cluster. Now select 'ACC' with the push button on the right-hand side of the steering wheel, and press confirm. Now the system is selected and will be available while driving. We call this state: the passive mode.

► Switching assistance system:
If you want to switch between systems, press the button once again behind the steering wheel and change your setting on the control lever.

Adaptive Cruise Control:
This system supports you by maintaining a set distance to the vehicle in front of you at speeds over approximately 30km/h, without having to use the accelerator pedal. If another vehicle is ahead of you that is traveling slower than the selected speed in the same lane, the adaptive cruise control automatically maintains a set distance. ACC will automatically slow the vehicle down if the set distance from the vehicle in front becomes too short. Conversely, the car will accelerate if the distance increases.
If you want to pass the vehicle in front of you, simply activate the turn signal and switch lanes manually. As long as there is no vehicle in the new lane, adaptive cruise control will accelerate to the set speed automatically. If the vehicle in front of you stops, ACC slows your vehicle down to a complete stop and then accelerates again automatically. An automatic start will only happen if you are stopped for a short time - fewer than 15 seconds. Otherwise, you will need to push the accelerator briefly after a longer stop, or push the control lever up to start moving again.

Tip: You can adjust the desired minimum distance by using the press rocker switch on the control lever behind the steering wheel. To increase or decrease the distance, just press upwards or downwards.

► Setting the speed:
You can activate ACC by accelerating to your desired speed, then by briefly pushing the control lever forward and releasing the accelerator pedal. The symbol turns green if ACC is active at a set desired speed. If you want to set a new speed, accelerate and push the control lever again, ACC then sets the new speed. Adjust the maximum speed by pushing or pulling the control lever in order to increase or decrease the set speed. With a brief press, the set speed increases by 1km/h and when pressing and holding, by 10km/h.
Set ACC temporarily into passive mode by pressing the brake pedal, or by pressing the control lever downwards. The desired speed and distance settings remain stored. Set adaptive cruise control to active again with these settings by pushing the control lever up.

Thank you for joining for this Porsche Driver Assistance System tutorial. To get even more out of your Porsche, download the Porsche App to ensure you carry around the ultimate companion for your vehicle everywhere you go:

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