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June 12, 2022

If you thought the first episode was all there was, then we’ve got good news for you. There’s more! Today, the presenter Yomi doesn’t just have one guest, but two – and only one of them is real. And we can tell you this: You will get a never-before-heard treat today. Noonoouri and her creative director, Joerg Zuber, are the guests. Noonoouri is an influencer with over 400,000 Instagram followers and collaborations with the biggest luxury and fashion brands, but there is more to her than that – she only exists in the virtual world. She was created by Joerg Zuber, a visionary, designer and artist who is always one step ahead. Are you ready for Noonoouri’s podcast debut? Then enjoy the inspiring world of Joerg and Noonoouri.

Find out more about the host Yomi Adegoke:

Find out more about the guests Noonoouri and Joerg Zuber:

02:45 Joerg Zuber and Noonoouri about similar and different interests
05:15 The meaning of Forwardism
09:25 A 5-year-old boy's fascination with fashion
15:00 The creation of a virtual influencer
19:00 Collaborations with luxury brands
21:20 The difficulties surrounding live performances
23:30 Matching outfit with Bill Kaulitz
24:15 Differences between virtual and real social media influencers
28:00 The voice of the voiceless
29:30 The metaverse and the rise of digital spaces
31:00 Endless opportunities in the digital world

Tune in to find out what Forwardism sounds like. Want to know what Forwardism looks like? Experience a new dimension of luxury with the BMW i7:

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