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June 5, 2022

What if your clothes could photosynthesize and release oxygen? Difficult to picture? Then we’ll help your imagination run wild. In the first episode of THIS IS FORWARDISM, the host Yomi Adegoke talks with a creative multitalent: Dian-Jen Lin. Dian-Jen Lin has already showcased her ideas in many creative areas. Nowadays, she is a designer, researcher, scientist, and artist. Together with her colleague Hannes Hulstaert, she founded Post Carbon Lab, a transdisciplinary design research and development company. They bring clothing to life with their Photosynthetic Coatings™ approach. Intrigued yet? Press play and hear what drives Dian-Jen and how she sees the future of textile production.

Find out more about the host Yomi Adegoke:

Find out more about the guest Dian-Jen Lin and Post Carbon Lab:

03:45 DJ and her very own definition of Forwardism
12:20 The idea and the mission behind Post Carbon Lab
19:35 The concept of Regenerative Sustainability Activism
25:15 The innovative design process of Photosynthetic Coating™️
28:15 Collaboration with Stella McCartney as a starting point
30:25 Convincing the remaining critics
33:20 The sustainable future of Post Carbon Lab
36:00 Welcome to utopia: the future of textile production in 2050

Tune in to find out what Forwardism sounds like. Want to know what Forwardism looks like? Experience a new dimension of luxury with the BMW i7:

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