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December 3, 2022

Content Creators are almost at the end of the journey, but only almost. On the search for the greenest car, constant innovation is an important part of the BMW philosophy. The development of new ideas, new processes, new materials, and new solutions. We have plans and ideas for a sustainable future, of course, but which ideas haven’t we thought of yet? And which ideas are on the way? As you can see, there are still plenty of open questions, and Anne Therese is looking for answers. To find them, she calls Los Angeles from Munich, visits BMW Welt, and immerses herself in the history of sustainability at BMW at the BMW Museum. Join her and tune in!

02:00 What does ‚innovation‘ mean?
04:50 Aesthetics of the future
10:30 The chances and challenges of innovation projects
16:00 Sustainability and the concept of health
19:00 The digital twin
22:50 Recycling of batteries and battery cells

“The ‘greenest‘ electric car will be made by BMW.” – this is the company’s mission for the future. Is this future already within the grasp? What are the challenges that arise in trying to achieve this goal? We will find out in this eight-part audio documentary. Together with the reporter, Anne Therese Gennari (The Climate Optimist), we will go on a journey through the BMW universe and take an authentic look behind the scenes.

Read more about the search for the greenest car:

You can find more information about the host Anne Therese Gennari

BMW Protagonists: Markus Seidel, Wesselka Mandowa-Maier, Annette Connor

Editorial: Julia Niedermeier
Author: Robert Valentine
Sound and Music:
Art: Lucas Lemuth, Madita O'Sullivan, Caroline Wabra

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