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image  1 BUGATTI - The W16 MISTRAL, the ultimate roadster with the legendary 8
December 31, 2022

The W16 MISTRAL, the ultimate roadster with the legendary 8.0-liter W16 engine, is a masterpiece that celebrates elegance at extremes.The timeless interior of the W16 MISTRAL is the pinnacle of open-top driving luxury. With the dedication to material quality remaining a hallmark of BUGATTI design, everything has been meticulously elaborated with the vision of regular use over a hundred years into the future. Newly designed visually arresting door panels made from intricate leather define the black and yellow inside. The gear shifter – machined from a solid block of aluminum – features a touch of wood and an amber insert with Rembrandt Bugatti’s famous ‘dancing elephant’ sculpture locked within and is a nod to W16 famous forebears. Even the engine air intakes have been positioned for maximum design and performance impact, placed optimally behind the headrests.#BUGATTI #W16MISTRAL–WLTP:
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