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February 23, 2022

Combining centuries of heritage, the collaboration of two superlative luxury brands originating from France and Great Britain sees the meeting of masters of their craft who have perfected their skills and innovative methods over multiple centuries.

The first masterpiece of the BUGATTI and Asprey partnership is revealed: a stunning one-of-one, 24k rose gold sculpture based on the LA VOITURE NOIRE. Mounted upon a bespoke, handcrafted base, and finished in the iconic signature colors of BUGATTI and Asprey London, the ultra-exclusive objet d’art will crafted by Asprey's in-house silversmiths, dedicating approximately four months at their workshop in London to the creation of the sculpture.

Also representing a seamless blend of technological innovation and time-honored craftsmanship, the creative collaboration will also deliver a series of 261 smaller yet highly exclusive sterling silver sculptures. All objets d’art will also be fused with NFT technology.

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