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January 20, 2022

As with so many discoveries, it all started with a trip: a backpacking trip—through India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Since then, photographer Steve McCurry has been portraying and documenting life on the planet. His art is both fascinating and touching.

The most diverse countries of this world have already passed in front of his lens. He has received countless prizes and awards for his work in recent years, but all beginnings are a struggle.

He talks to Jonathan about long nights in the darkroom, the magic of finding the right subject, the highlights of his job and a special trip with BMW through Scotland.

Look forward to a conversation with perhaps the most important visual storyteller of the time. Come and see for yourself!

01:50 Motivation and passion
03:00 Scottish blood
04:15 Minimalist travel
06:50 The tools of a professional photographer’s trade
07:25 Alternative energy sources for the world
08:50 The automobile as a subject
10:00 The magic of photographing humans and landscapes
12:45 Adventures and regrets in early years
13:45 Advice for young photographers
15:20 The relationship with nature
18:10 Travel high points
20:10 The beauty of nature
21:30 What is Mother Nature trying to tell us?

And if you want to read more about Steve McCurry, his mission and his passion, go to

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