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January 6, 2022

Swim, surf or kite along as we join professional kitesurfer Roderick Pijls on a journey of discovery through his career and over the seas. Because one thing’s for sure: You’ll find this man in the water more often than out of it. Kitesurfing is so much more to Roderick than his job and hobby, though. He wants to use his sport to draw attention to nature's beauty and vulnerability. He puts himself in unbelievable situations to do this, kiting over poisonous lakes or inside a volcano. Jonathan Tilley talks to Roderick about his special relationship with the sea, his sustainability mission, and the similarities between kitesurfing and driving an electric vehicle. Treat yourself to a fresh sea breeze with this episode.

02:20 Roderick Pijls in three words
05:50 Why kitesurfing?
12:00 Kitesurfing over toxic Lake Natron
17:20 Embrace the unknown
19:15 Fear of change
21:00 The relationship with the sea
23:10 The signs of climate change
24:00 What does making conscious choices really mean?
29:30 The planet in the future
34:00 How does green travel work with so many board bags?
35:30 Parallels between electric driving and kiting

And if you want to read more about Roderick Pijls and his mission, go to

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