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January 2, 2022

The history of the BMW X models began more than 20 years ago and the story continues to this day. We celebrate that in this episode with a journey through the illustrious history of the BMW X family. Nicki and Jonathan showcase each BMW X model, from 1999 right through to the present. What is so special about this model series? Discover that and so much more in this episode. Buckle up for some X-treme time travel!

01:44 The beginnings: the BMW X5
04:05 Special features of the BMW X3
06:08 Sporty elegance meets imposing presence: the BMW X6
10:10 The compact: the BMW X1
12:08 The sporty: the BMW X4
14:28 The X1’s youthful offspring: the BMW X2
15:40 The luxurious SAV: the BMW X7
18:58 The first fully electric SAV: the BMW iX3
21:44 A whole new era: the BMW iX
25:10 The Black Vermilion Edition for the X5 and X6
28:20 The X7 Frozen Black Edition

And if you want to read more about the features of the BMW X models, go to

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